• 1969

    The Day of Established Sister City Agreement

  • 1970

    Delegation of Osaka World Expo Australian Pavilion Representatives to Minami Town

  • 1980

    First Delegation to Cairns City

  • 1982

    Courtesy Visit of Mayor of Cairns City to Minami Town

  • 1985

    Presented Contributed Flatback Turtle to Minami Town

  • 1986

    Cairns Representatives Traveled Around to 88 Temples of SHIKOKU OHENRO

  • 1988

    Second Delegation to Cairns City (For Sister Cities International Meeting)

  • 1990

    English Teacher Mr. and Mrs. Sinopoli Visited Minami Town

  • 1991

    Third Delegation to Cairns City (For Japan Week)

  • 1992

    Junior High School & High School Students Visited and Homestay in Minami Town from Cairns City

  • 1992

    Hiwasa High School Established A Sister School Realationship with Trinity Bay State High School

  • 1998

    Hiwasa Junior High School Established A Sister School Realationship with Cairns State High School

  • 2006

    Consolidation with Hiwasa Town and Yuki Town into Minami Town

  • 2007

    Signed Second Agreement of Sister City

  • 2014

    Fourth Delegation to Cairns City (Signed Agreement of Sister City Conclusion)

  • 2015

    First Global Human Resource Development business Program (Cairns Homestay Program)

  • 2019

    Fifth Delegation to Cairns City (50th Anniversary of Sister City)